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Chinese New Year Wedding Lanterns

22 Jan

For all you happy couples getting married this year, the Chinese New Year brings good news. We are now entering the Year of The Dragon which makes for happiness, success, good fortune and benevolent power.

And what better way of celebrating then adding a touch of the orient to your wedding with chinese lanterns. As always we love anything that can create a wow factor and lanterns (or more recently pom poms) can do this whatever style wedding you’re having.  Soft pastel shades create romantic lighting, whilst bright vibrant colours can create boldness and a really striking look to any wedding theme.  Lanterns can be hung inside or out, and are a great way to light up trees or walk-ways.

Or for a magical wedding moment you can get your guests to set free floating lanterns, in the traditional way, to bring good luck and prosperity.

And if you’re checking all your fortune cookies the one you’re hoping for should say Pak Nin Ho Hup (may our marriage be everlasting). 

All images above from www.hanginglanterns.co.uk

Above Image by Pomstyle from Etsy