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Addiction that’s as hard as nails

3 Jan

Gelish Nail SystemIt’s a new year and full of resolutions. So as we rocked up to our first meeting of 2012 there was only one thing on our minds.  An addiction that should not be allowed to dominate our lives anymore – a trail of destruction left in its wake – we could no longer carry on as we were. We just had to do something, and now.

Yes, we’re nail biter’s. Always have been. Both of us have the worse nails you are ever likely to come across in the wedding industry. Chewed to pieces and quite frankly a disgrace. We’re desperate to stop.

And now an answer to our lifelong addiction could be just round the corner.  We’ve tried tips and gels, stick ons and painted on potions, but now Joanne has discovered the nail holy grail, Gelish, and she’s loving it!

Rather than having tips and gel put on Gelish is different. Three layers of gel are painted on (just like nail varnish) to your nails which then allows them to breathe and grow underneath, and the Gelish is just thick enough to stop any gnawing. Jobs a winner.

You can choose any colour you like, including a natural french polish which will last up to three weeks without the colour chipping.  After the three weeks the layers are taken of as easily as nail varnish (no need to soak for hours like acrylic nails) and then you repeat the quick and easy process of painting on the three layers again.

The Gelish System costs just £20 and depending on how quickly your nails grow you should expect a touch up every three weeks.  Jo’s nails were done by the lovely Anna Burton, of mobile beauty company Finishing Touches in West Malling. For appointments give her a call on 07957 167892.

So by the end of the month, Joanne’s chewed nails should have grown to a respectable length and the nail addiction will be gone for good, leaving her just to worry about what colour to have next.  Our meetings will never be the same again.