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Wedding Cake – Your Just Desserts?

1 Feb

So far, this week has been all about wedding cakes. Now never one to turn down cake in any variety I have been in my element, however, it’s ended up being wedding cake with a difference. We have been debating an answer to the question that brides ask a lot; “shall I have my cake as dessert”?


In theory this sounds like a plan to save some budget but you will need to “officially” cut your cake before you sit down to your meal. This allows the caterers time to do the cutting bit ready to serve after your main course. You will probably also need to choose a dessert type cake rather than the traditional fruit cake – chocolate in any variety always goes down well with most guests!

Fit this into your wedding schedule and choose the right cake and it can be a real winner.


However for something really different you can stick to a traditional dessert (which let’s face it, everyone thinks is the best part of a meal anyway) and then finish off with a cheese course.  “What are you talking about”, I can hear you muttering, “this is going to cost even more”! But ha har the magic part is your cheese course is actually your wedding cake.

Confused?  Take a look.


Chloe Browne of Caught the Light

Having a cheese cake works fantastically for a country wedding, especially if you are having buffet style catering and looks great as a centrepiece. It also gives you the option if you don’t want an after-dinner cheese course to use as part of the evening buffet, alongside other British produce including Pates, chutney and pies.


Prices range from around £150- £200 depending on the size of your cake and the cheeses you choose. For suppliers locally in the Kent area check out  The Cheese Box or Cheese Not Cake.

Image Credits: 1. Caught the Light via Martha Stewart Weddings 2.English Cheesemaker 3. The Cheese Box 4. Cheese Not Cake