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Thought for Thursday: Bridesmaids – how will you pick yours?

2 Aug

I finally got round to watching this film over the weekend with some friends and we couldn’t stop laughing as we all recognised ourselves in some way, shape or form. It got us thinking about what kind of Bridesmaid we would all make. I have been a bridesmaid 10 times (so by far the most experienced of my friends!) and have seen countless Brides, like in the film, make huge mistakes when it comes to their bridesmaids and what they expect.


As with the film, Bridesmaids are all individuals and therefore throw up all sorts of unique problems. There are “fantastic bridesmaids” who are fun, caring and nothing is too much trouble to make your day great. There’s the “it’s all about me bridesmaids” who don’t care what you want as long as they have their choice of everything, the “doesn’t really want to be there bridesmaid”, who only accepted because she couldn’t think of a good enough excuse and finally, but worse of all, the rogue bridesmaid.

The rogue bridesmaid will not turn up to appointments for fittings, will change all decisions at the last moment and then won’t care if she does a Gok Wan on her dress 10 minutes before you are due to leave for the ceremony.

So Brides please choose your Bridesmaids very carefully but, and this is really important, you have a duty to be realistic about your Bridesmaids capabilities. Don’t forget that on the big day Bridesmaids will need to be preened and photographed and will be nervous too – so don’t expect them to be able to complete a large to do list of extra jobs. They just won’t be able to fit it all in.

Equally don’t expect your usually unorganised best friend to suddenly turn into a super task ticking machine who can get your hen do sorted in three weeks flat and don’t make any of your girls pay for their outfits/hair/make up etc unless you’ve discussed this upfront with them when asking them to be involved. There’s nothing like money to cause resentment and everyone needs to know where they stand right at the beginning.

Think carefully about what you want from your Bridesmaids and who out of all your loved ones will fit the bill. Pick Bridesmaids who will be totally reliable and above all help you have fun. It is after all what us girls are good at.

Research material and image: Bridesmaids: The Movie

Designer Bridesmaid Dresses by Ghost at John Lewis

8 May

Ghost who are a well-known London fashion house are now designing a range of bridesmaid dresses for John Lewis. They have developed a fantastic range of dye-to-order dresses that are perfect for weddings. You can choose from a range of colours and your order will be dyed specifically for you. Prices start from £145.

John Lewis says “the finished Ghost pieces are unstructured, soft, feminine and gently bohemian; perennial Ghost looks which are cut to flatter curvaceous or boyish bodies alike”.

So if you have bridesmaids of different shapes and sizes this could save you hours of pounding the high street for the perfect colour and cut.

Frock of the Fortnight: The Dessy Group

30 Apr

Today this Dessy dress made the shortlist for possible bridesmaid outfits for a wedding later in the year. It’s a one shoulder full length renaissance satin tunic dress and we just love it for it’s stylish elegance. As with most Dessy dresses you have a choice of colours and length.

Visit their website for stockists throughout Kent.