Behind the Scenes Part 1: English Country Garden Wedding

26 Apr

The setting was amazing, the bride looked breathtaking, the weather was finally on our side as the sun shone – it was the perfect day for the Bride and Groom.  For the Wedding Dolls it was 10 hours of busy, busy busy and we loved every minute of it. Helping turn months of ideas and plans into reality  and as the bride told us the day after, for what would be the wedding day they had dreamed of.

So for those that ask the question “what does a wedding co-ordinator actually do?” here is an insight into what The Wedding Dolls did on Saturday, behind the scenes…

When we arrive at the house at 10am (which is also the reception venue) we find the bride looking very calm and getting her hair done, as per the schedule! Elsewhere there is a feeling of panic in the house, especially as there will be 80 guests arriving in less than 6 hours time and there are 10 people who need to get ready. After checking everyone had what they needed we had a quick catch up with the photographer and then went down the garden to the marquee, where we began going through our to-do list to get the reception looking nothing less than perfect.

Our to-do list was slightly interrupted when we discovered the portable toilets for the reception guests were not working. After a couple of phone calls and some investigation the supplier was called to the house to fix the problem. Next was the news that the vintage wedding car the bride was borrowing from a neighbour had not yet arrived. Whilst I was helping the bridal party to get ready for pre-wedding photo’s Emma tracked down the car and tied on the wedding ribbon.

At this point I left for the church to organise the reserved seating for the wedding party and key guests as well as ensure the sound system worked for the service music. After the service the bride and groom had asked for a specific photo shot to be set up, involving cricket bats as they exited the church. To make sure they got what they wanted I briefed the Best Man and Usher on what I needed them to do. With limited parking the school next door had offered their car park so I was also there to ensure the gates were opened and guests knew where to park.

It was at this point Emma was making sure the bridal party left the house on time and called me so I knew they were on their way!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

Joanne x

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