A Bootiful Christmas – Wedding Wellingtons for me!

23 Dec

That’s it I’ve done it.  There’s a pair of Hunter Wellies on my Christmas list. Being the budget conscious half of the Wedding Dolls I usually sniff at paying ‘over the odds’ for anything, especially when I can buy it on Ebay for half the price or make it myself.

However I have been persuaded by the other Wedding Doll (the one that loves anything with a designer brand and large price tag) that I need new wellies and nothing beats Hunters.

So this year I will stand rubber toe-to-toe and join our Brides planning a festival style wedding (mud is the new wedding essential darrhhling) and show off  my designer wellies. 

However, so I feel slightly better about spending a fortune on ugly boots (I don’t care what you say), I’ve found some other uses for the good old welly, including using them as flower arrangement pots and Christmas treat holders, check out more ideas like the one above at www.housetohome.co.uk.

I’ve been a good girl (ahem..) this year, so if Santa keeps to his end of the bargain you’ll see me and my boots next year! Merry Christmas!





Pics from Top to Bottom:
Original Hunter White Boot, The Welly Shop, £79.00

Pearlescent high-heel wellies, www.weddingtonboots.com, £44.99

Huntress Gloss Pink Boot, www.hunter-boot.com, £79.99


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