Battle of the Usher’s

1 Nov

Don’t feel like you can leave even the simplest of jobs to menfolk on your wedding day?  You are not alone.  It seems that the rise of the female usher (or usherette) is increasing. When it comes to leaving the free beer alone and actually helping get Granny down the steps for the pictures it seems men just can’t be trusted.

Ushers on the day (whatever gender) will need to have at least basic organisation and people skills and it helps if they actually know most of your family and friends.  Making guests feel welcome when they arrive can really set the tone for the wedding and so you need to be sure whoever does it will really go for it!

Ushers are able to be slightly more relaxed than bridesmaids and don’t need to appear in half as many photos so are better able to organise things around them.

Just don’t cast aside all the men in your family at once – a mix of both girl and guy ushers can really work well.  If you have an usher that doesn’t mind being centre of attention then think about using them as an MC to announce the events on the day as they unfold.

Whoever you choose and whatever they do it always helps to be prepared (a wedding golden rule!) so carefully plan their duties and get them all to the wedding rehearsal – after all practice makes perfect!

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