Bridesmaids – the good, the bad and the ugly

17 Oct

Bridesmaids: The Movie

I have been a bridesmaid 10 times which makes me somewhat of a professional in the field.

My bridesmaid career started at the age of three and so over the years I have observed many types of bridesmaid.

There have been “fantastic bridesmaids” who are fun, caring and nothing is too much trouble to make your day great. There’s the “it’s all about me bridesmaids” who don’t care what you want as long as they have their choice of everything, the “too much champers bridesmaid”  who will be drunk before you even get to the ceremony and are rendered useless and finally, but worse of all, the rogue bridesmaid.

The rogue bridesmaid will not turn up to appointments for fittings, will change all decisions at the last moment and then won’t care if she does a Gok Wan on her dress 10 minutes before you are due to leave for the ceremony.

So Brides please choose your Bridesmaids very carefully. Indeed.

But just don’t expect too much of your Bridesmaid’s either.  Don’t forget that on the big day they will need to be preened and photographed and will be nervous too – so don’t expect them to be able to complete a large to do list of extra jobs. They just won’t be able to fit it all in.

Think carefully about what you want from your Bridesmaids and who out of all your loved ones will fit the bill. Pick Bridesmaids who will be totally reliable and above all help you have fun.

And if you were wondering what type of Bridesmaids you will have on your wedding day – be warned – you might not know until it’s too late – or if you haven’t picked me, you might just have the second best one ever!

Research material: Bridesmaids: The Movie


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